We have set up a website to help local businesses and people.

We have set up a website to help local businesses and people.


There are tough times ahead for all of us.

People are going to lose their jobs, money is going to be tight

and businesses are going to close their doors, unfortunately.

We need to be positive and pull together to help each other through this #CoronaVirus madness.

Business to business, customer to business, business to customer,

human to human and dont forget the animals.

Some businesses will offers discounts, freebies and competitions to win free haircuts, meals, gift vouchers etc that can be redeemed when this madness is over. (Please click on a stores profile to see all info and offers etc)

If you are a local person who runs your business from home and you don't have a website, please get in touch. If your product or service can help those around us we will happily add it to this page.

We will try to update as often as possible through this difficult time.

You are welcome to just browse or if you would like to be kept updated on offers, competitions etc please sign up, this way you will also be able to comment on your favourite store and what products, services you like from them. This way others can find the hidden gems locally.

(Only Positive comments please, we want to make London great again) 

Some businesses are still able to offer a service during the lockdown as they sell

online. Please check their page for links.

Be safe!